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P.E and School Sport at Scholes

P.E policy

Expectations of children

What has been happening in school?

Golden time

We have started the new school year off by celebrating good behaviour, hard work and determination with, 'golden time.' The children are loving their Friday afternoons spent playing with lots of new equipment that encourages them to be physically active. Some of these activities include boules, croquet, velcro hands and catch cups. 

Design a football strip

As part of our World Cup celebrations the children were invited to design a football strip. The entries were fabulous and 40 children were lucky enough to win a Panini football sticker album as their prize.

After School Clubs

A range of after school clubs have been provided to increase children's physical activity throughout the school day. These are in addition to those activities happening on a lunchtime.

Gymnastics                      Fundamental Key Skills

Tennis                               Football

Athletics                           Forest School

Hockey                             Netball

Rugby                              Cricket


Cross Country

It was fantastic to see many of our children compete in the cross country festival @ Whitechapel. It was even more exciting to find out that our year 5 boys and girls team have got through to the next stage as well as one of our year 4 girls who happens to be our wildcard runner!

Cross Country update

Last month we took our year 5 team and our wildcard runner from year 4. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to qualify as a team but we do have one child representing us at the county competition. We are super proud and cannot wait to support him at Temple Newsam.

Girls Football

Our year 5 and 6 girls had a fantastic time represent our school at Batley Sports and Tennis centre. It was great to see our girls getting stuck into the game of football. Their sportsmanship and teamwork skills was amazing. Well done Girls!

Well being week

As part of our wellbeing week the children took part in a dance workshop provided by Strive Dance Accademy. The children were active and had fun whilst thinking about their mental health. They learnt how dance can help them improve their mood and express their feelings.



What do our children think of our after school clubs?

After carrying out a survey with all our children in school we can conclude that our after school clubs are a success. 79% of our children told us they really enjoy attending them and they keep them active. 68% feel that there is a good choice of clubs and that the sports coach deals with any difficult situations or behaviour.

However, at the moment we only have 60% of the school attending them. We therefore aim to increase this number before the end of this year and look at why 40% of children are not attending.

Get Set For P.E

Rationale for Get Set for P.E


Since Covid staff feel less confident in planning and teaching P.E. Particularly as CPD had dried up and staff were out of practice. For a few years we used Sports coaches to help guide staff and increase their knowledge. However, we felt this was not quite enriching staff in the way we wanted as the coaches were mainly in control.

We therefore felt it would be beneficial to have a central hub of resources and a scheme that matches the National Curriculum skills and standards.

After asking for advice and recommendation from other schools we chose Get Set for P.E.

This scheme provides teachers with detailed lesson plans. There is also resources, video clips, an introduction to each unit, key skills the children are developing, learning objectives linked to the National Curriculum, links to other subjects, assessment criteria as well as a tool to record and collect assessment data.

There is clear progression through the lessons and a development of areas such as yoga for example that our teachers would not attempt without the support of Get Set for P.E.

Our link Governor

Sport is something that has always been of huge importance in my life, since I was a young child. I would play football, cricket and tennis, primarily, as a child and then teenager, and I always enjoyed the opportunity to be active and be involved in sports.

During my teenage years, I qualified as a football referee as I looked at ways to potentially become involved in sport in a more professional capacity until work eventually took over!

In the past few years, I have taken up running as I find this a quick and easy way to be able to take in some form of exercise on a regular basis. Running provides me with the opportunity to keep fit physically, but it also helps to keep my mental health feeling positive as being able to get out in the fresh air and get moving always makes me feel better.

I also now coach my youngest son's junior football team and it gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction in watching them develop and enjoy playing sport.



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