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Design Technology at Scholes ensures that our curriclum includes:

Cooking and Nutrition, Mechanisms, Structure, Textiles and Electrical Systems 


Through each topic of DT, children will design, make and evaluate, learning and using technical knowledge throughout.

Design and Technology lessons encourage creativity and imagination through these four key skills, as well as  cooking and nutrition  which enables childre with the skill to make healthy eating choices. This expertise helps our children prepare for adult life in a fast changing world, being able to recognise that things can be changed in order to suit peoples needs and wants - including reusing and recycling materials. Inspiring lessons include practical tasks which will provide children with opportunities to investigate and evaluate current products, offering creative ideas to design and make their own innovative, quality products, Skill-focused strings of lessons will encourage positive attitudes towards DT and the arts, enjoyment, curiosity, independance and co-operation.

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