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Welcome to Class 6.

Class Teacher : Miss L Hargreaves 

Cover Teachers: Mr P Cannell (Monday afternoons)

                     Mrs S Akhtar (Thursday afternoons)

Support Staff: Miss C Holt and Mr J Walters

Welcome to the Class 6 homepage where you can find useful information, read about what we will be learning this half term and see how you can help at home. If you have any questions or would like to discuss something with us, please write a note in your child's planner and arrange to meet at a suitable time with Miss Hargreaves (mornings can be a little hectic!)

Please don't forget to follow our school twitter page and check out Class 6's hashtag to keep up-to-date with what we're doing in school. 


Click here to download a copy of the knowledge organiser.

Project - Our Changing World!

This half-term, Year 5 and 6 will be focusing on 'Our Changing World' as a project. They will think about the importance of life cycles in our changing world and how plant life cycles differ to those of mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles. In Geography, they will compare the impact of human and physcial georgaphy within the context of climate change and increasing demand for farmed food. In DT, children will research local foods available to them, and discuss their seasonality. They will learn how to prepare different vegetables and the process of making a woodland soup.

General Reminders

PE will be on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit with them on these days. Children should have appropriate footwear for PE such as trainers or lace up pumps. 

Planners should be signed by a parent/carer each weekend and your child should return them to school on Monday mornings to be signed by one of the Y6 team. If you have any messages to pass on please feel free to jot them down and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Spelling tests will be held every Thursday and the children will receive their new spellings on the same day. The children will be tested on 13 spellings which will they will have had time to practise plus an additional 2 'mystery spellings' which will come from previous spelling tests so that the children can revisit words which they may have found difficult. Learning spellings is part of our school's weekly homework requirement and we expect children to spend a short amount of time learning them at home. If we do not feel your child has spent time doing this they will be expected to learn them in school. 

Homework will also be given out every Thursday and should be returned on the following Wednesday in their homework folder. Homework clubs runs every lunchtime and the children are welcome to go if they feel they will not have enough time at home or need some support. If your child is struggling with their homework, they are to see a Y6 adult before the due date so that we have time to go through it with them.

How you can help at home

We politely ask that you continue to support your child's learning by encouraging them to read as often as possible. As a school, we expect children to read a book of their choice independently or to an adult every day. Your child should bring their chosen book home and then return it to school the next day to ensure they have it for allocated reading time.

Please look through your child's homework before it is returned. If they have not found this easy or you think they need more practise with this at school, please let us know by writing a note in their planner and we will endeavour to address any problems they might have. 

Year 6 requires lots of hard-work, organisation and a positive attitude, however, we do still plan on having lots of fun, creating life-long memories of your child's final year at Scholes; and raising lots of money for our Y6 enterprise to help us end our year with a bang. We thank you for continued support and cooperation.

The Y6 team

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