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"Progress is good in mathematics.  Pupils benefit from the daily oral mathematical challenges.  They concentrate well to apply their well-developed calculation skills to a variety of everyday problems" Ofsted 2015 

Children at Scholes are taught Maths every day of the week through a daily Maths lesson and through other areas of the curriculum. They enjoy Maths and achieve well.


Foundation Stage

At our school, Maths is taught in a fun and practical way from the very beginning.  This begins in Foundation Stage where all of the Maths lessons are taught using practical resources. Number is taught using Numicon, which enables the children to develop number sense from an early age. Numicon is out in many of our role play areas and the children have specific Numicon-based lessons regularly. Assessment is carried out regularly on all children through observation.


Key Stage One

Maths is taught every day in Year One and Two. The teaching in Year One and Two follows the National Curriculum  and children are assessed against the criteria set out in the National Curriculum and whether they are at the expected level of achievement for their year.

Both classes use lots of practical apparatus and still use Numicon throughout the key stage. Some children use Numicon in small groups, in addition to their class-based Maths lesson to ensure they make the required progress.


Key Stage Two

All year groups are taught Maths and assessed against the National Curriculum 2014 and the year group expectations. They use practical resources to ensure new concepts are understood and practical resources are used continually until the children are ready to work without them.

Morning Maths

Every year group (from Reception) complete a Morning Maths session daily from 8.55am until 9.10am. This is a mental maths session that gives the children chance to practise their rapid recall of Maths facts and for them to address any misconceptions that may have arisen during previous Maths lessons.



Addacus is a programme offered to selected children in Lower Key Stage Two, in addition to their daily Maths lesson to enable them to make progress. It is a hands-on programme that enables children to develop their Number sense and then develop on to the four operations.


Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor environment provides us with the perfect classroom for our Maths lesson and children regularly learn outdoors. We have lots of Mathematical resources for outside such as giant polydron, giant Numicon and giant counting strings. We also have a giant hundred square on our playground which we use for a wide variety of Maths lessons (not just number) and a giant number line. These things enable children to experience Maths using their bodies before they bring their knowledge back inside.


Problem Solving and Reasoning

We believe that children at our school should be able to not just complete rows of calculations, but that they should have a much deeper understanding of Mathematics which they can apply in to a wide variety of contexts. Our children love solving puzzles and problems in their daily Maths lesson and they work hard to try and explain their reasoning as to how they solved problems and why they got a certain answer. We often use nrich problems and the nctem website which both offer puzzles and problems designed by Mathematicians which match the National Curriculum objectives.



This is an intervention led by Mrs Milner and delivered by Miss Evans (Educational Teaching Assistant) three times a week for forty minute sessions. It was developed by Edgehill University and focuses on the four operations in turn and is a practical and hands-on programme. This programme runs for approximately twelve weeks and is designed to allow children to make rapid progress in upper key stage two.

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