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Welcome to Class 5

Class teacher:     Mrs L. Milner

Cover Teachers:  Mrs R Walton (Tues pm & Weds pm)

                       Mrs S Akhtar (Thurs pm)

Support Staff:    Mrs T Cutler


Welcome to the Class 5 homepage. We hope that you will use this webpage to find out about what Class 5 will be learning this half term, to find useful information and for some details about how you can help at home.

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Our Accelerated Reader programme gives children the opportunity to read from a wide range of books in school that are targeted at their specific reading age. The children will all have their reading age written in their planners, which can change depending on how much and how well they read in school and at home. They will also be given a 'zone' from which they can pick their books. Feel free to ask any members of staff from Class 5 if you have any questions about the programme and encourage your children to read at home as much as they can! It is important that children take their books home for this, but that they return them to school the next day for afternoon allocated reading time. Make sure you are also signed up for the data to be sent to your email with your child's quiz result as soon as they take one. 



We use a reading book to provide us with ideas for writing and we try to look at the style of different authors. This half term we will be looking at a novel called 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It's a humourous book that is about a space adventure - which links to our project. We will send some of the book home for homework too so keep an eye out for that. As we read the novel, we will carry out lots of pieces of writing along the way: both fiction and non-fiction. Look out for writing being sent home via email when children are proud of their work. 



We do Maths every morning in Class 5 and an extra arithmetic session on a Monday afternoon. Maths is a fun lesson and all children have the chance to succeed every day. We try very hard to make sure children don’t leave school that day not understanding something. Homework sent home will always support what has been done during the week so if your child is struggling they must come and see an adult on the Monday or Tuesday. If you have any questions about Maths and how we teach certain things then please bob in and see one of us rather than teaching your child a new method.



This half term's project is called 'Where mt Wellies Take Me' and we will be learning about our local area and about exploration - including space exploration. We share our project lessons with Y6 and do a 'carousel' of activities on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Walton and Mrs Akhtar. These activties will include History, Geography, Art and DT. We'll show you all some pictures of what we're up to and look out for the project homework task coming home. 



PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please ensure PE kits are in school for P.E lessons and after school clubs. . PE kit must be plain black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms with elasticated bottoms; a plain white t-shirt; and pumps or trainers.


Other Information

Water bottles, book bags, reading books and planners must be in school everyday. We need planners to be signed by a parent / carer every weekend ready for Monday morning, when we will sign them too. If you have any concerns or quick questions feel free to jot them down in planners and we can quickly get back to you. Likewise, we will use the planner to communicate things that have happened in school with you at home. If planners are persistently not signed, children will be asked to miss 5 minutes of their playtime until it is done. This is the part of us trying to prepare children for secondary school, where the planners continue to be an essential tool for school. 

Homework will be recorded in planners and be given out on a Friday afternoon in a plastic wallet which needs returning to school every week. Homework should be completed by Wednesday morning at the latest. If this is not completed then children will be asked to do it in playtimes and lunchtimes. 


Helping At Home

Year 5 will present the children with new challenges in their learning, as the curriculum gets inevitably more tricky. Any help at home goes a long way. 


Make sure your child is competent and as quick as possible with times tables. They need to be recalled rapidly up to 12 x 12. Download the TT Rockstars to help with this and have fun playing on the App. Ask them about things they have been learning about. The first half term we will be spending time looking at the place value of each digit in numbers and how bigger numbers are actually made up. If your child is confident with homework, then ask them how they know. They should be able to explain theor answers using 'reasoning'.


The most important thing you can do to support English is to read with your child and ask about what they are reading. Good writers are usually good readers so the reading has to come first. They can read to you and you can read to them. Nothing is cheating so long as books are being shared! When your child brings home comprehension homework, if they struggle, begin by reading the text together and just talking about the text. What is it about? How do you know? Unpick any tricky words together and work out what they mean. You may get out a dictionary for this. Then look at the questions. The answers are always there and encourage children to go back to the text for every question and not try to use memory. If your child is still struggling, make a note in their planner and arrange to see Mrs Milner. 



As ever, if you have any problems or concerns then please come and see a member of the Class 5 team at the earliest possible opportunity. If you need to speak to us for a longer chat, please arrange a time after school as mornings can be a little hectic!


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