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Stronger Together Partnership

Birkenshaw CE (C) Primary School High Bank J, I & N School Scholes Village Primary School Whitechapel C of E Primary School Hartshead J & I School

   Welcome to the Stronger Together Partnership.

We are a partnership of like-minded primary schools working together to act as a genuine force for the improvement of our schools. Through honest discussion and debate, we have realised a mutual philosophy in improving outcomes for our children, their families and our communities.


Our schools have compatible strengths and we are committed to working with each other as a combined unit to strengthen school performance and meet future challenges. Our aim is to identify areas on which we can collaborate to help improve learning, achievement and outcomes in our schools.


We have established key areas of work for 2021– 2022:


1. Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms

2. Subject leadership development

3. Assessment in all subjects

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