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Pupil Voice

"Pupils have many opportunties to become involved in the running of the school" Ofsted 2015


Our School Council is made up of 2 members from each class and our Befriender team.

We meet to discuss any issues that other pupils have taken to their class council members and also to talk about ways to improve facilities in school.


                                                                                                            Successes in 2016-17

-Children were in charge of selecting and monitoring the use of the Buddy Bench, funded by our PTA. This has proved extremely successful, both for children needing to find a friend and for ensuring that our children mindful of those needing a friend. 

-A lot of discussion within our meetings seems to centre around lunchtimes. Children wanted more to do and some recognition for trying hard at lunchtime. Lots of new activities, and leaders of activities were introduced, as was a 'Queue Jump' pass for those trying hard. 


Plans for 2017 18

-Children are now elected and we have had our initial meeting. Befrienders are again working with School Council members to make up our Pupil Voice committee. 

-We decided to have a 'School Council Drop In' each Tuesday with 2 members on duty to listen to concerns, ideas and issues. This was not very well attended so at the next meeting we will discuss better ways to share information.

-A lot of discussion was surrounding children with additional needs, our attitudes to those in our school, how we can best support them and how we can celebrate their skills. We will plan some activities surrounding Autism Awareness Month to acknowledge this. 




Successes in 2015-16

School council evolved into a Pupil Voice Commitee by collaborating with our Befriender Team. Pupils met twice each half term to discuss issues and concerns within their classes and in school.

The Pupil Voice did a ‘Learning Walk’, where we evaluated the school as a learning environment. Children felt they would like to see more of their work around, so plans were put in place for a Portrait Day where each pupil would draw their own portrait that would be displayed around school.


Plans for 2016 17…

The new School Council members have been elected and the new befriender team are in place. We held our first Pupil Voice meeting of the year and minutes have been distributed to all staff members. A key theme that ran through the meeting was lunchtime/extra-curricular activities. This will be our focus at least until Christmas.


If you have anything you would like us to discuss please see your class council members - all ideas are welcome.

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