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Pupil Voice

Our School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils. We hold regular meetings to discuss issues, and share ideas on how to imrpove our school..

"Pupils have many opportunties to become involved in the running of the school" Ofsted 2015


"My name is Harry. I am in class 1. I would like to have more outdoor toys." "My name is Lacey and I am in class 1. I would like a library so I can read lots of books." "My name is Harry and I would like another teacher like Mr Cannell." "My name is Izzy. I am in class 2. I would like to make sure children keep our school tidy."


"My name is Harry and I am in class 3. I would like to see more use of the outdoor equipment." "My name is Lacey. I am in class 3. I would like more computers in the classroom." "My name is Harvey. I am in year 4 and I want all the classes to use the forest more." I'm Charla and I am in Year 4. I want there to be a library in this school.".


"My name is Billy. I'm in class 5. I want more reading time in school." "My name is Delilah and I am in year 5. I would really love to have a library in this school so people can sit somewhere quiet to read". "My name is Harvey. I am in class 6. I would like to extend the time classes get in the forest." "My name is Poppy, I'm in class 6 and I would like a library in school".



Befrienders are interviewed and trained  year 5 and 6 pupils of our school, here to help with any friendship problems during playtimes at Scholes. They work super hard to ensure that every child has somebody to play with and that no one feels alone during school time. They are each responsible on chosen days of the week, for children to look out for someone wearing a yellow sash to have a little chat with!

We also have year 6 peer mediators, trained  to solve any friendship or bullying problems, supported by Mrs Hill and Miss Greenwood. 

Our befrienders this year are...

Callum, Sam, Lily-Mai, Finley, Maya, Rosie, Jayden, Libby, Anya, Jenny, Brooke, Charla, Delilah, Chloe, Niamh, Theo, Emily, Isabelle


"We are always happy to help!" - Aidan

"Always happy to give our free time to help other children." - Jack

"Just look out for our yellow sashes!" - Miya

"Making people happy, makes me happy." - Eddie

"Buddies not bullies, be a friend - duh!" - Our befriender team 2018


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