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The teaching of phonics is a strength of our school, where both the staff and the children enjoy their learning. All staff are very committed to the teaching of phonics at the correct level for the pupils.

Between 11..35 and 12.00 the pupils are working in a phonics group which is meeting their individual needs. The children move around school and may be working with a different adult.

The staff are highly motivated & make phonics teaching fun with a wide variety of teaching strategies used (eg bingo sound games, word lotto, computer programs, treasure chest words etc).

We do not follow a prewritten scheme for our phonics teaching, each individual member of staff plans & delivers a tailor made curriculum to suit their groups needs.

Children are assessed as to their understanding frequently & any adjustments which need to be made are carried out quickly to ensure the child is being taught at the correct speed & level for them, ensuring each pupil meets their full potential.

The Floppy's phonics reading books have been purchased to support the teaching of phonics & development of the early stages of reading.



Reading of individual words & short sentences is taught through the phonics work & the two go hand in hand. In each class there are daily guided reading sessions where staff use a range of books to develop pupils individual reading skills.

The range of books includes - All Aboard, Soundstart, Oxford Reading Tree, Real books & Rigby Navigator.

In Reception, Year One & Two pupils have a home reading book from the colour banded book boxes, the class teacher will assess which colour each pupil needs to suit their stage of reading. They may also have a Floppy's phonics reading book which compliments the teaching of phonics & so develops confidence in 'sounding out/decoding' words.

In Years 3 - 6 the pupils will take part in the Accelerated Reader Programme, where each child participates in a STAR reading quiz which then produces an accurate reading zone for their own personal development. The children read real books as part of this programme and complete a short reading quiz. The quiz relates to the comprehension understanding of the book. All pupils can print off and take home a quiz result sheet which informs parents on progress made in reading.



Writing is taught through various genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, play scripts etc). The teachers also make strong links to writing in other areas of the curriculum such as history, geography, science & RE. Spelling is taught through phonics sessions and Literacy lessons. Spellings are taken home to learn as part of weekly homework tasks.  Assessment & marking is done in detail & the children are given constructive feedback on their 'next steps' of learning. Handwriting is taught weekly.

Click the following links to access our new handwriting scheme:

Alphabet - Capitals & Joins (no pics)

Alphabet - Capitals & Joins (pics)

Demonstrating Letter Groups

Suggested 'Patter' (DH Method)



All children have weekly spelling lists to learn at home and take part in a weekly spelling test in school. Children's spelling results are monitored and rewards are given to pupils who conisitently achieve well.



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