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General Reminders 

  • PE is taught on a Monday and Thursday, Children need black or navy blue shorts and a white t-shirt, with pumps/trainers.
  • Earrings in school - if worn have to be a small stud, and have to be removed for sports.
  • Children need pumps which fit and are in a good condition for wearing indoors in school.
  • Please make sure all clothing (including sunhats/scarves/gloves etc) and PE kit are labelled clearly, we are not responsible for your child’s clothing.
  • School staff in Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5 & 6) do not write in the home school reading record book, we have our own records in school.
  • Each child is heard reading AT LEAST once a week through the guided reading and reading friends programmes run in school.
  • Book bags need to come into school every day please.
  • Homework will usually come home on a Monday and needs to be returned the following Monday please. (If homework is given on a different day the children will be told when it is to be returned.)

This Term in Class 3

This term our project will be ‘Groovy Greeks.’ Within this project we will mostly be looking at ancient Greece. The children will find out where Greece is situated in the world as well as learning about life in ancient Greece.


In maths we are developing our knowledge of numbers and place value. We will be looking at numbers to 1000 and how to write them as well as ordering numbers to this value.  

If you would like to come in and help at all, please call in and let me know, we are always grateful of any support. Or if you have any questions or require any further information, please see Miss Holt, Mrs Nichols or myself at the door in the morning or at hometime. You are also welcome to phone me at school on 01274 335500.

Many Thanks,

                 Mrs Walton

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