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Science is taught as part of our project work at Scholes. Each year group has at least one Science-driven topic. We encorporate lots of practical and invesgation work into our work.

Practical science isn't just about fair test investigations. Fair test investigations are an important part of Scientific Enquiry. To ensure children’s enperiences of a wide range of practical opportunities immerse them in involves other ways of finding out about the world around us. These include:

  • Asking and raising questions
  • Exploring / Observing / First hand experiences
  • Sorting / Grouping / Comparing / Classifying
  • Practical Investigations – fair test / pattern seeking survey
  • Solving problems / Science challenges – create, invent, design
  • Modelling to represent real science
  • Research – secondary sources, asking an expert, asking others

Planning is based around Chris Quigley's key skills curriculum. We assess using the milestones and record this using Classroom Monitor to show progress.

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