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Sports Premium Funding 2013/14

Physical Education

Priority - Renewal of resources £900

Order new equipment so that P.E can be taught effectively and to a high standard. Some equipment is in need of renewing so that pupil participation can be increased.

The equipment ordered had a positive impact throughout the year. The assessment results showed that children exceeding expected levels either stayed the same or rose when compared to the previous years.

Priority - Gymnastic coach to boost staffs confidence when teaching gymnastics. £300

Staff feel that they would benefit from increasing their subject knowledge and confidence in this area of the subject so that their lessons are more challenging and as a result children's achievement in this area will increase.

A questionnaire was given to all teachers to collect feedback after the training. The results show a positive response from all the teachers. They have all seen progress in children’s core strength and skills since they have introduced some of the ideas from the training into their lessons.

Priority - Introduce new sports into the curriculum - hockey and basketball  £2000

Equipment needs to be purchased to introduce these sports into the curriculum so that pupil's skills and knowledge of sport can be broadened.

This priority has been met. All of the equipment has been purchased. The year 5 and 6 teacher has found that the new equipment has enriched their teaching of basketball and hockey so that the children’s skills have developed.

Priority - Purchase of an IPAD and digital camera to aid staff and children in assessment.  £400

In an attempt to make assessment easier for staff and recordable it was decided that IT should be used so that staff can show children instantly their areas for development as well as areas of good practice.

Staff are all very positive about using the equipment but not all staff feel very confident in the area therefore it is to be developed further this accademic year.

Priority - Mapping of School grounds for an orienteering course.  £150

Due to all of the building changes that has happened within the school grounds the present orienteering maps do not apply. Therefore in an attempt to reintroduce orienteering into the curriculum, to interest children who shy away from sport, to make full use of our grounds and to link subjects within the curriculum it was decided that we would have a course mapped out.

The mapping has been done. Some children took part in a club during the summer term and really enjoyed taking part. Staff still need training in this are which is to be developed in 2014/15.

Priority - Purchase of Val Sabin scheme of work.  £400

To improve teachers subject knowledge and increase staffs confidence in the subject a plan to purchase a scheme of work was made. After some consideration and attempts to teach from the schemes model it was decided that Val Sabin was the scheme of work we would opt to buy.

The scheme of work has been purchased and is being used in school. All staff have used the scheme and speak highly of it. They find it moves at a good pace and there is room for their own ideas.

Healthy Lifestyle

Priority - Implementation of Sports Leaders  £250

In an attempt to increase children's physical activity, involvement in more sport, aid those children who struggle to play with others and encourage children to mix with others it was decided that sports leaders should be activated at lunchtime. Each sports leader will receive training so that they can be effective sports leaders.

Sports leaders recieved training and successfully ran activities during lunchtime. 

Priority - OHL - After school clubs  £2000

To increase children's out of hours learning to increase children's physical activity a number of after school clubs will take place. E.G Boxercise, football, dance, multi-skills, netball, orienteering, forest schools.

A number of after school clubs took place and were a huge success. Pupil participation increased to 80% compared to only 52% of children participating in previous years.

Priority - Super Athlete Day

In an attempt to make the children more active and encourage them to think about others Super athlete Day is planned. This is a sponsored event run by an outside agency in school.

It was a fun event that got the children motivated and engaged and has been planned in for next year.


Club and Competitive Sport

Priority - Cross Country events

Two events are planned to be held for KS2 at Scholes Village Primary and Whitechapel Primary school. One will be held for upper key stage 2 and one for lower KS2.

Both these events have taken place and the girls team did exceptionally well and got to go to Kirklees finals.

Priority - Sports Hall Athletics event

This has been planned to take place at Whitcliffe Mount. It is for 18 upper KS2 children. There will be a boys and a girls team.

This was a great success and the children did very well.

Priority - Netball league

A netball league has been put together to compete with other schools in our pyramid.

Prority - Football league

 A football league has been put together so we can compete with other schools in our area.

Priority - Dance showcase

A dance showcase will be held in the Spring term at Whitcliffe Mount so that all the children attending dance club can display their dance skills.

This went fantastically well. The children were brilliant and are really engaged in dance.

Priority - Sports Day

Sports Day is planned for the summer term so children can compete within school with each other in a fun and active way.

Sports Day again was a huge success. The children really enjoyed the world cup theme.

School Improvement Priorities

Priority - Gifted and Talented

Children who are gifted and talented in school are recognised and extra provisions will be made for them academically. In P.E children will also be pointed in the direction of club sporting teams in our local area.

Priority - New Curriculum  £160 (course)

All subject leaders have responsibility to ensure their subject is correctly and adequately covered in the new curriculum and their monitoring will ensure standards are high. The P.E co ordinator will attend a course on introducing fundamental skills in P.E and physical literacy to help ensure the new curriculum is implemented correctly.

The P.E co ordinator attended the course and has now begun to make plans for Sep 2014.

Priority - Behaviour and Safety

Children are encouraged to recognise risks and manage them as they occur. (In P.E STEP is used)

All staff have high expectations of children's behaviour. A number of strategies are used to encourage good behaviour as well as children being given responsibilities and roles within school so that a mature, responsible attitude is fostered by children in school.













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