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Netball match at Whitechapel 19th March Yr5/6

Well done team!

You were fantastic! Although we didn't win the match we were really pleased with your sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Keep up the hard work.

Pupil Comments

P.E is fun and exciting.

Abi Y2


Sport keeps us fit and healthy.

Brandon Y5


Coaches Eye is cool because it shows you what you've done wrong so you can make it better.

Maya Y6


I'd like to do more P.E it's fun!

Lexi Y3


Parent Comments

Within the curriculum the children participate in a wide variety of sports. They also have good opportunities to join in activities and clubs.

                                                 Year 3 and 5 Parent.


We are pleased with the range and quality of P.E. Our child always talks about it positively and really enjoyed the dance he did last year.

                                                   Year 2 Parent.


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