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Children involved in extra curricular sport clubs 2013/14

                   2012/13       2013/14

Year 1           36%              69%

Year 2          42%               84%

Year 3          36%               83%

Year 4          52%               87%

Year 5          76%               71%

Year 6          90%               85%

When comparing last academic year attendance figures to this year’s I was very pleased with year groups 1 to 4. All these year groups were close to doubling their attendance figures for last year. The overall percentage of children involved in 2013/14 was 80% when compared to 52% on previous year 2012/13.

Year 5 and 6 are an area of concern. We did struggle in 2013/14 to encourage the older children to join in the clubs. We did ask the children in these year groups at the beginning of the year what OHL clubs they would like to see in school in the hope of interesting them and we did provide many of the clubs mentioned. However we still struggled to encourage these year groups to participate. This was due to a variety of different factors some of those being; children attending community clubs, their levels of maturity and not wanting to spend more time in the school setting.

Therefore this year I aim to continue to encourage and nurture the current year 5s love of sport in the hope of them continuing to involve themselves in OHL. I wish to foster an enthusiasm for sport in the current year 6 class. I will attempt to do this by asking them what sports they want us to provide after school as well as personally inviting children who have not normally attended.

Attendance throughout the year groups can vary week on week therefore we are going to try to encourage the children to complete the full course of classes by receiving a certificate at the end of the course.


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