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P.E and School Sport at Scholes

Being active is a very important way of life at Scholes. We aim to have a physically and mentally active community within our school. We feel that this is reached by our children being happy and being involved with as much sport and movement as possible.

We pride ourselves on working with professional coaches to develop our staff and children as well as participating in competitive games wherever possible.  Sports week is an important week in our school calendar. This is when participation is celebrated and competition is embraced.

As well as the curriculum we provide many physical after school clubs which reach a wide range of children’s interests as well as participating in festivals within the wider community.

It is important to us that our children have a voice in this area so a school committee called ‘Sports ambassadors’ has been created. This is a place children can bring their ideas about the curriculum, after school and in the playground. They are also able to share with us things that they think work as well as areas they wish to develop.

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"I like dance because it's fun and all my friends go. I can't wait to perform our routine at Whitcliffe."  Yr5

"Netball club is fun! We have a laugh and I love the games we play."   Yr4     

 "I like playing tag rugby and grabbing each others tags." Yr1 


 "Mini-me time is fun, healthy and good for your body. You do different things there, not just sports." Y2

Year 2 told the P.E leader that the most important objective in P.E is to, "keep safe!"

"P.E is good for you because you are getting exercise and it is fun." Y1


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