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Befrinders is a peer helping service. It is there to provide a listening ear to all the children in school. The adults who run the service are Mrs B Firth, Mrs Hill and Miss Holt.

Befrienders are selected by holding interviews which are conducted by the present Befrienders just before the end of the academic year. Once a team has been chosen The children receive extensive training which includes learning how to listen to others, to understand the various types of bullying, to know how to lead a child to a solution to their own problem without giving advice and how to pass on any troubles to the adult Befrienders so that they don’t carry others problems in their own shoulders.

The children work in teams of four, and are on duty on a lunch time. Each team works one day a week in order to give them the opportunity to be included in other lunch time clubs etc. We also have a weekly team meeting each Thursday lunch time so that the children can talk to the adult Befrienders about any issues which have arisen over the week.

The children learn lots about responsibility, confidentiality and behave in a very mature manner. We are proud of our Befrienders who work hard to provide this valuable service to our school. Each Befriender wears a shield shaped badge to identify them.

Our Befrienders are:

Year 6: Freya, Grace, Thomas, Ayden, Roma, Caitlin, Natalie, Charlie, Elizabeth, Tristan, Ethan, Jenna and Olivia.

Year 5: Daisy, Grace H, Jack and  Nate.

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