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RE is usually taught within discreet sessions rather than linking to other subjects, as in a project lesson, unless clear links are apparent. We follow the latest Kirklees and Calderdale Syllabus using the guidance units to ensure a full, varied curriculum. We also include class trips to places of worship so children have first-hand experiences. Our aim is to educate children about different religions and promote tolerance of others’ beliefs and cultures.

RE Long Term Overview



Our children are taught PSHE in a variety of ways. They may know these sessions as ‘circle time’, ‘SEAL’ or ‘PSHE’ (pi-she). Within the sessions the children learn about:

  • feelings and how to manage them
  • how to set themselves goals and ways to achieve them
  • changes and how to approach and embrace this
  • why we are special and unique
  • how to behave with other people in a variety of relationships
  • bullying and how to deal with this.

Children in Years 5 and 6 also have dedicated lessons addressing ‘Drugs Education’ (SPICED) and ‘Relationship and Sex Education’.

PSHE Long Term Overview

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