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Welcome to Foundation Stage

"As a result of very effective teaching and excellent levels of care, children make outstanding progress in their speech and language skills and in their personal and social developmentOFSTED 2008

"In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children make outstanding progressOFSTED 2010

"The early years is a vibrant place for children to learn. Indoors and outdoors, teachers and other adults are sensitive and caring, enabling children to develop confidence and independence in their learning. This means that children quickly settle into school life." OFSTED 2015


Foundation Stage Staff: Miss S Dearlove (Foundation Stage Co-ordinator), Mrs K Ogden (Teacher), Miss O Hargreaves (Teacher), Mrs J Firth (Assistant Headteacher), 

Mrs S Gray (Nursery Nurse), Mrs M Shield (ETA), Miss Haley (Apprentice), Miss Farrar (Apprentice) and Mrs Calvert (Dinnertime Supervisor/ETA).


Our topic for this half term is "Shimmer and Shine"…

The children have made a fantastic start to the year and we look forward to continuing this learning towards Christmas. Through our new topic - "Shimmer and Shine" - the children will begin to learn about light and dark, night and day, and the variety of celebrations that occur at this time of year. We begin the topic with a trip to the Forest School, where we will be exploring pumpkins, making a fire, and sharing 'pie and peas' to celebrate Bonfire Night. Following the outdoor learning, we will be having a 'Fire Safety' talk to help keep everyone safe throughout the festivities. We will be making firework pictures, using a variety of techniques, and possibly making a tasty treat to bring home! We will also be looking at Remembrance Day, and how we use poppies to help us remember the people who died. There will be a whole school focus on Remembrance Day with a special assembly on Friday 9th November at 2:30pm. We will have a special 'Diwali Day', when a special visitor will come in to school to help us learn about how this festival is celebrated, and have a go at making rangoli patterns and Diva lamps. 

As part of learning about light and dark, our new role play area is a 'Dark Den', where children can explore how light changes, and extend their vocabulary by describing different shapes, patterns and textures of objects inside the den. Our investigation area will begin by hosting a variety of 'shiny' creative resources and paper tubes to encourage children to explore making fireworks. This will be changed as the term progresses to explore the season of 'Winter', when everything becomes a little darker and colder! The heuristic area will have a variety of coloured items such as pasta and rice, and children will be able to explore pattern and colour, with an initial focus on rangoli patterns. This area will be changed part way through the half term, to allow for children to continue exploring glitter and shiny objects. 

The final few weeks of the half term will be dominated by the major celebration that is Christmas! Our role play area will become Santa's Workshop, and we will have a variety of festive activities for the children to explore and enjoy. We will be rehearsing for our Christmas Show and look forward to sharing this with our families and friends on Wednesday 12th December. Make sure you bring your tissues for what we know will be an amazing performance!

Children in Nursery will  continue to explore phonics and literacy through stories, listening for and making sounds, finding rhymes and keeping a steady beat. Children in Reception will continue to work through the Letters and Sounds progression  - please look out for new sounds and tricky words in book bags.

Books we will be exploring this half term include 'Bedtime for Monsters' by Ed Vere, 'Shh! We Have a Plan' by Chris Haughton, 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson, 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear' by Martin Waddell, 'A Dark, Dark Tale' by Ruth Brown, 'Oliver's Wood' by Sue Hendra, 'Wow! Said the Owl' by Tim Hopgood, 'Peace at Last' and 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy, 'Careful Santa!' and 'Shhh!' by Julia Sykes.

We are using a Mastery approach in maths, and children are busy exploring numbers in lots of different ways. Children in Reception have a Maths Challenge set on Tapestry every Friday, please make sure to post your maths adventures each week.

As always, if you feel that you have any specialist knowledge or experience relating to our topic of 'Shimmer and Shine', or know someone who does, please do speak to a member of staff as we are always looking for ways to give the children 'real-life' experiences and to broaden their own knowledge and understanding through a variety of opportunities and sources.

Dates for your diary…

Monday 5th November - return to school and 'Forest Fun' morning!

Wednesday 7th November - Flu jabs for Reception children

Friday 9th November - Special Centenary Assembly for Armistice Day

Monday 3rd December - Christmas Shopping Event at 2pm in the Main Hall

Wednesday 12th December - Foundation Stage Christmas Performance

Thursday 20th December - Foundation Stage Christmas Party

Friday 21st December - Last day of term




If you have not yet logged on to Tapestry or are struggling with usernames and passwords, please come and see a member of the Foundation team - we will be happy to help. It is a great way to share your child’s learning and we are very grateful to those of you that have taken the time to add photos.


Foundation Stage Information

Snack Money

We ask for a contribution of £1 every week which goes towards a variety of snacks, baking and other activities such as planting. This is payable via our ParentPay system where you may choose to pay weekly or termly. Thank you.


Library in Nursery is every Wednesday and book exchange in Reception is Fridays. Please ensure book bags for Reception are in school every day, with phonics packs and reading books inside, and library books are in bags on these days.


Remember if your child is in Reception, they need a PE kit in school ready for every Wednesday. Please note that PE kit is a white t-shirt and black shorts with pumps. Earrings are not allowed for PE at all. If you are having your child’s ears pierced, please do this at the beginning of the 6 weeks holiday so that they can be taken out on return to school for PE. Children in Nursery also have PE on a Wednesday but do not change their clothing.

Book Bags

Children in Reception need to have their book bags in school everyday. Please remember to check inside for letters and information, as well as practising sounds in sound books and reading their reading books/word boxes as and when these are received. Phonics activities/information is also often given in book bags. Library books need to be returned in order for them to be swapped.  

Children in Nursery need to have their books every Wednesday for their books to be swapped.



Ways to help and activities to do at home...

Learning challenges sent via Tapestry- please ensure you keep up to date with the information given through Tapestry, and include anything you have done at home.

Homework Menu to be completed each half term- this is a selection of activities to work through at your leisure through the half term to support your childs learning.


Children in Reception are beginning to learn letters and sounds to enable them to read simple words. This becomes easier as their phonics knowledge grows, hence the importance of also practicing at home. Please encourage lots of writing and mark making, and storying their play. Ask your children to describe a character or a setting, or maybe guess what comes next in a story you are reading. Maybe they could represent their story on paper by drawing the characters or writing a simple sentence. Remember to share these learning experiences with us so we can add to their profiles.

Letters and Sounds

Children in Reception all now have a sound card pack. Please remember to keep referring to and practicing these so that children are totally secure with their sounds. These are sounds rather than letters at this point, and to be able to learn to read, children must be able to say the sound as it appears in words, so please do not teach it as an uppercase letter, for example, knowing the sounds s-a-t would allow the child to read 'sat'. Children are also getting a reading book as and when we feel they are showing signs that they are ready for one. Children who read and practice sounds and word boxes at home are more likely to be a stronger reader and progress quicker through the stages of reading.

Children in Nursery have a phonics session everyday where they explore different sounds. We investigate sounds in the environment, sounds from animals and sounds in words. We make different sounds with our voices and try to change these sounds in different ways. We are beginning to look a lot more at mark making and learning to write our names. Please also try to work on this at home, remembering to use letter sounds rather than letter names, for example, 'a' rather than 'A'.

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Please remember, if your child is in our nursery, they do not automatically have a place in our Reception Class. Places are allocated through Kirklees, so please apply online via the Kirklees Council website (www.kirklees.gov.uk) before the cut off date of 15th January 2019.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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