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At Scholes Village Primary School, we are to be as ecologically concious as possible. It is a massive task to make our school totally 'green' but we are on our way.
To move forward, Scholes VP School have put together an Eco-Warrior group of pupils who meet every half-term to discuss and plan how change can be affected in school. The pupils have assisted in creating an Action Plan involving some of the 9 eco-school topics.
Energy - Pupils are going to become energy monitors, recording energy use weekly;
Recycle - Pupils are going to begin to recycle ink/photocopier cartridges;
Recycle - Pupils are going to arrange jumble pick-up to give to charities;
Water- Pupils are going to become water monitors, recording water use weekly;
Biodiversity - Pupils are going to create links to national environmental organisations;
Global Perpective - Each year group is going to study one global envoronmental issue.


The Eco-Warrior group manage an Eco-Noticeboard. This is in the school playground, on the side of the shed so that it is easily visible to all parents who drop off/pick up their children. This has a copy of the school's eco-code on it and any events/news that the Eco-Warriors feel needs to be shared.

And one last thing...

Please try and support Scholes Village Primary School in our eco-awareness. The world is a fragile place and needs our help to heal. Every little helps!


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